See them wranch at thems best

Why Them Wranch?

Because they are very perfect to see on a halloween night. They will speak in tongues and wail in volumes. Get their new album.
I am telling you that if you get a chance to see them live on their current tour. , I mean live like still kicking things over, like walls and brick buildings... I am telling you that you will be a changed person. Seriously changed.

This is what Them Wranch's new album "Medium Rare" looks like. Buy it!

Email them here and find when they are coming for you. Don't be scared, or do be scared, but be warned.

Buy Big Noise from East Maynard from Orange Recordings.


acd Them Wranch is: Andy Ranch (singing and guitar),
Joe Patt (singing and drumming),
Gerry Morrison (bass and singing),
sbc FAQ's

Who are Them Wranch?
Little is known about Them Wranch, 'cept that on occasion they run with a rough crowd, drink in the way of gallons and wrassle the ladies with a very smooth style.

Where do they come from?
Rumor say highway 71, others say the streets, but I reckon the desert. Probably the likes of Death Valley, Tombstone, Boothill, somewheres around them parts.

What the hell do they do?
What they do is just plain amazing. Whether they're just ratllin' your cage, drinking your wine, or eating your last supper, they do it right.